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If you aren’t ready to join one of our group training sessions, but you are still keen to kick start your healthy lifestyle and fitness regime, a bespoke personal training session could be just what you need. Ultimately you may feel that you will truly benefit from the motivation that a one-to-one training session can provide.


At Innovations Fitness, we totally understand that busy lifestyles make it harder and harder to fulfil our fitness goals, which is why our main mission is to make fitness accessible to you whatever your hectic daily/weekly schedule. With personal training, we aim to take even more of this strain and tailor your sessions to not only match your fitness goals, but help maintain the balance between this and everyday life.

We will provide the help, encouragement, motivation and support needed on your journey to a new you! Personal training is a great vehicle for helping you achieve your fitness goals and is for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete.








You can book your 1-2-1 PT sessions with Topsy or Natalie. Please email or call to discuss.

Then give Innovations Fitness a call Mobile: 07800 683 367

So if you want to:

  • Shape up!

  • Kick start a new healthier lifestyle!

  • Train for a particular sporting event!

  • Or you just need the motivation to do something different.

£40 | Single Session

£40 for a one 45 minute session.

£400 | 11 Sessions

Purchase 10 sessions and get 1 FREE.

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